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Abraham Tonsil Knife
Removal of tonsils and adenoids with the head in the hyperextended position is favored by many otolaryngologists because it eliminates all possibility of aspirating blood and detritus from the tonsils, with the hazard of postoperative pulmonary infection (pneumonia and abscess). The special curved tonsil knife1 (fig. 1) has been found advantageous in dissecting the tonsil free from the pillars, with preservation of a maximum of mucous membrane on the pillars. The short straight blade, at one end, is used to make the initial incision through the plica triangularis at the lower pole, just behind the anterior pillar. The curved blade, at the other end, is then inserted into the incision between the layers of the capsule of the tonsil and is drawn upward along the border of the anterior pillar to the upper pole, using the cutting edge on the concave side of the curve. Without removing the curved blade

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